Hello! My name is Samantha, you can call me Sam. I am a dental assistant from British Columbia, Canada. I graduated college in 2012 and began my climb up the working ladder. I loved being an assistant from the beginning, seeing the huge smiles on people after we helped take away their pain or give them a new smile was the most satisfying feeling I had ever encountered. As I climbed higher and higher, sadly, I felt the patient care began to decline. It was becoming too corporate with patients moving in and out of the office so quickly, nobody knew them by name anymore.

Me at YVR
This is me at YVR. We couldn’t get a still photo because I couldn’t stop moving!

In 2016 it was time for a big change, I was beginning to hate my job and even started exploring completely other industries. I needed to find that feeling I had when I first started.

I quit my job, sold most of my possessions and left in September 2016 with a one way ticket to South East Asia. For 7 months it was just me and my backpack, no plan and no idea what I was getting into. I was opened to so many new experiences and people and a completely different way of life. During the first couple months I was having fun but I still felt there was something missing.

A friend I met in Cambodia sent me a link to a volunteer dental clinic which I

Driving to BLCP
Driving to BLCP

found and ended up going on a 3 day educational trip travelling to schools educating the children about proper oral hygiene care, handing out toothbrushes and

showing them how to brush their teeth! We went to 6 different schools and saw over 1200 children in 3 days. It was then that I understood why I bought that one-way ticket.

I am a travelling dental assistant, always lost and nowhere bound. Looking for the next adventure, trying to keep as many mouths clean as possible!

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