Buddhist Library Cambodia Project

In January 2017, after travelling for 4 months through South East Asia I actually began to miss work (I know, it sounds wierd). I was ready to get back into dental. I began researching and asking around for non-profit dental clinics in Kampot (where I was living for a few months). A supportive restaurant owner pointed me in the direction of Kbal Romeas, a 45 minute motorcycle ride away. The beautiful team here was more than welcoming and asked if I wanted to join them on a 3 day trip, 6 hour drive into Takeo province where we would travel to many schools and teach children about the importance of brushing their teeth!

The dental team was made up of local Cambodians so while they spoke with the children my job was to go around with the big fake teeth and show them how to brush. After the team was done speaking we handed out toothbrushes, divied up toothpaste and went outside to perfect their brushing skills.

The first day, sitting in the back seat, while driving back to the little hotel we were staying in, tears swelled in my eyes as I remembered the beautiful little faces we had seen. Children from 4 to 17 years old, brushing their teeth and spitting out blood. For many, this was the first time they had brushed thier teeth in weeks, or months or ever.

This problem is not isolated to Cambodia of course, there are children with poor oral hygiene and lack of education around the world, in first world countries too. Maybe it was seeing all 4 sibilings squeeze onto one pedal bike to get home or maybe it was watching them play with a hand-me-down dolly in the dirt. It might have been their neverending laughing and smiles. For whatever reason the children here made such an impact on my life and have opened my heart. I need to give back. I need to see that there are more healthy options for children who want them. I want to see those smile filled with pearly whites for life!


5 Simple Steps to Reduce Waste In Your Dental Office

Every day in dentistry we use millions of disposable, waste producing products. Yes, many of the items are necessary for patient safety and health, do not compromise this but let’s break it down, what disposable item can be replaced to something reusable? As a temp I see many different practices, I have visited offices that don’t have a recycling bin, everything goes in the waste. Offices that pour fixer and developer solution right down the drain into our oceans. Offices that use disposable EVERYTHING because it is simply easier. BUT I have also been in many incredible offices who are very aware of the environmental hazards they are producing and have decided to make changes. These offices have recycling down to a science, to the point where they are separating the autoclave plastic and paper into separate bins. For some offices this sounds like OCR (Obsessive Compulsive Recycling) but as my Dad says, “Get your head out of the sand!” OPEN YOUR EYES! This is long overdue and needs to happen! Continue reading “5 Simple Steps to Reduce Waste In Your Dental Office”